Personal Training Courses at FLM

With over 600,000 people now working in the Sport and Fitness industry in the UK, there’s no better time to get help from FLM Training if this is the career path you’re choosing to go down.

Without a doubt, the fastest, safest and most effective way to get into shape is working with a personal trainer. Before learning to become one, it is important to know the attributes of a great personal trainer.
Firstly, you must want to and be willing to sincerely help clients. If you are motivational and helpful, you can help someone achieve their goals and change their life.

You must also have good communication skills. At FLM they believe that face-to-face communication is vital, and there’s only so much a client can learn from emails and books, although books are helpful. Meeting in person or at least a conversation over the phone between the client and the personal trainer will help the client have a better understanding of the company.
A personal trainer must be naturally good at teaching. They teach how to completely change your body through fitness, and teach proper exercise techniques. Just as a normal teacher would explain something in many different ways if it didn’t make sense to someone, a personal trainer teaches concepts the same way.

personal trainer course
Obviously, a personal trainer must have quite a lot of knowledge about general fitness. They will have experience in exercise physiology, and when you’re finding someone to handle your exercise schedule, you want them to know what they’re doing.

Personal trainers are great at motivation and helping people achieve their goals, and it is very rewarding being a personal trainer. At FLM fitness, they offer a wide range of personal trainer courses that will help you on your way to entering the Sport and Fitness Industry. They offer management courses that offer a wide range of business skills such as leisure management and first aid, apprenticeship courses and personal training packages. These packages include a number of discounted course combinations that FLM offer, ranging from £1600 to £3300 and offer basic qualifications and opportunities to extremely advanced ones. The apprenticeship option involves learning levels 2 – 4 in business and management, levels 2 – 3 in sports and active leisure, an additional NVQ Diploma, Functional Skills and Industry Qualifications.
FLM’s Management team have over 30 years of training and experiences and ensure their training approaches are the highest quality provision. Their continuous professional development is through the commercial programs and apprenticeships, provided by their partnerships with several Leisure Trust and Councils.

massage imageLike any other career path, being in the Fitness and Sports industry requires loving what you do. There are lots of times it will test your patience you will have to work long hours, but it’s worth it to help people achieve their goals. You don’t even have to be young to be a personal trainer, just physically healthy, fit and energetic. The image of the personal trainer has a huge impact on the client. If you are motivated and healthy, it will make them want to be too, and they will have more faith in their trainer.