What are underfloor heating kits?

Underfloor heating kits are kits which once installed, can heat up a whole room from one spot as the heat rises. Unlike your traditional radiators which have to project heat across and into a room.
There are many different types of underfloor heating kits. A great company called SoleHeat sell four types of fantastic heating kits. These four kits are;
-Single zone
– Multi zone
The experts at SoleHeat put these together in a range of sizes, to allow customers to purchase what they need. Instead of having to buy all the pieces they need separately, as it would cost them more.



The single zone kit starts at 10sqm and goes up in two’s up to 18sqm. The prices vary as they start from £339.99 and go up to £379.99, depending on the sqm. These kits are specifically for smaller areas that will only require one zone for heating purposes such as bathrooms and kitchens. These single zone kits are a fantastic, cost effective option, plus they are quick and easy to install.

However, the multi zone kit starts at 20sqm and goes up in twenties up to 120sqm. The prices of these amazing kits range from £419.99 to £924.99 depending n the sqm size chosen. These are designed for a much larger complex, of underfloor heating requirements. This may involve having a large primary single zone or a more complex multi zone, across a few different rooms in a property.

The premium* also includes a manifold and starts at 20sqm but only goes up in 100sqm, it goes up in tens. The prices of these kits start at £499.99 and go up to £889.99. These kits remove the hassle of having to add additional products to your order. The premium underfloor heating kits even include Electrothermic actuators and also a Heatmiser wiring centre for larger and more complex solutions.underfloor-heating-kit

Lastly, is the bespoke kit, this is a kit which can be designed on an individual basis by one of their technical specialists. These kits can be tailored to specific requirements for the installation, and they would be more than happy to design an underfloor heating kit for you. All you have to do is send them your building plans and rooms to be included.

If you’re unsure then you can check the price match guarantee to ensure you get the best value on your order. They make high quality products, cheaper than anyone else on a like to like basis.

These kits can be installed by anyone, who’s competent in home DIY or plumbing, so at least they aren’t too confusing.

There are also cost saving benefits of these fantastic kits. For example, it’s estimated that an underfloor heating system will reduce the household bills by circa £20 per month, when the system is in full use during winter.

All of these kits are of great quality and are a great price. They do a range of kits to choose from, to help you find the one that’s right for you. If you want more information on the kits feel free to visit the website at the underfloor heating store